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Artificial grass for golf is widely used for interior decoration, courtyard landscape and building greening. The lawn is bright green and natural, and the grass is fine. It is the best substitute for natural turf. It is more and more widely used in hotel greening and decoration. Green roofing, indoor shops, office buildings, office decoration, if you need our artificial lawn, please contact us.

The characteristics of artificial grass for golf:

The artificial grass for golf is strong and wear-resistant, can be used all day, and has a good athlete protection function. It can effectively avoid joint damage, skin burns or abrasions that athletes may encounter during exercise, and ensure the normal rolling and running speed of football.

The artificial grass for golf consists of three layers of material. The foundation layer consists of a compacted soil layer, a gravel layer and an asphalt or concrete layer. The foundation layer is required to be solid, non-deformable, and the surface is smooth and impervious to water, which is a general concrete site. Due to the large area of the hockey field, the foundation layer must be handled during construction to prevent subsidence. If the concrete layer is laid, the expansion joint is cut after the concrete is solidified to prevent thermal expansion deformation and cracks.

In foreign countries, there are two kinds of turf layers: 1. The turf layer is relatively thin, only 1.2~1.5mm; 2. The turf fiber is thicker, 20~24mm, and it is filled with quartz to almost the top of the fiber.

Artificial grass for golf can be used in running fields, football fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey fields, gates, golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, softball fields and other sports venues. It can also be applied to the comprehensive event venues in the square, the venue and the schools, kindergartens and kindergartens.

Artificial turf has the advantages of bright appearance, green and vivid seasons, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.

advantage artificial grass for golf:

1. All-weather: It is completely unaffected by the climate, greatly improving the efficiency of the site, and can be used in extreme climates such as high and cold temperatures.

2, evergreen: After the natural grass enters the dormant period, artificial grass can still bring you the feeling of spring.

3. Environmental protection: The materials are in line with environmental protection requirements, and the artificial lawn surface layer can be recycled and reused.

4. Simulation: Artificial grass is produced by the principle of bionics. The non-directionality and hardness of the lawn make the user have no big difference with the natural grass during the activity, and the elasticity is good and the foot feels comfortable.

5, durability: durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for playing, middle and primary school venues with high frequency of use

6. Economical: Generally, the service life of more than five years can be guaranteed.

7, maintenance-free: basically no maintenance costs occur.

8. Simple construction: the maintenance and maintenance process of artificial grass can be carried out on the basis of asphalt, cement and hard sand. The concept of “rest” is no longer applicable, but proper maintenance and maintenance. Will extend the life of artificial grass.

Artificial grass for golf description:

Artificial grass for golf for golf is a surfacing material used to imitate grass. It is generally used in areas where grass cannot grow, or in areas where grass maintenance is impossible or undesired. Artificial turf is used mainly in sports stadiums and arenas, but can also be found on playgrounds and in other spaces.

Artificial grass for golf has been manufactured since the early 1960s, and was originally produced by Chemstrand Company (later renamed Monsanto Textiles Company). It is produced using manufacturing processes similar to those used in the carpet industry. Since the 1960s, the product has been improved through new designs and better materials. The newest synthetic turf products have been chemically treated to be resistant to ultraviolet rays, and the materials have been improved to be more wear-resistant, less abrasive, and, for some applications, more similar to natural grass.

The quality of the raw materials is crucial to the performance of turf systems. Almost anything used as a carpet backing has been used for the backing material, from jute to plastic to polyester. High quality artificial turf uses polyester tire cord for the backing.

Maintenance of artificial grass for golf:

1. prohibition of smoking and fireworks and firecrackers

2. strictly forbidden to carry food pure water

3. prohibit the introduction of oily and corrosive liquids into the field.

4. prohibit the nail above 9mm

5. prohibit heavy equipment or unnecessary traffic entering the site.

6. it is strictly forbidden to press the weight of the weight on the lawn for a long time

7. strictly prohibit using hard tools to puncture, strike and cut lawns.

8. do not deliberately reverse the bottom and the destructive pull yarn sewing interface, etc.

9. when rainfall is less, use artificial watering to clean up the dirt on the lawn.

10. control the frequency of the site properly so that there will be enough time for the filling material to be leveled (using special equipment).

11. insist on cleaning once a month and clean up the rubbish in time.

12. as far as possible to avoid site cleaning at high temperature

13. check whether there is any loosening of the suture, damage to the bottom oil, tear, burning and so on.

14. due to the loss of filling materials caused by rain scour, cleaning and intense sports, it should be replenish in time.

The Advantages of artificial grass for golf:

1.artificial grass for golf, once installed requires little in the way of maintenance – no watering or mowing is required.

2. You save on the cost of water and buying and operating a lawn mower.

3. No expensive fertilizers and weed killers need be bought.

4. Because you do not need to use chemicals to grow or protect the grass, you are not adding to pollution levels and affecting the environment on an ongoing basis.

5. You will not have to spend time pulling out weeds.

6. Artificial grass is long lasting and you will not have to incur the expense or hassles of period replanting

that natural grass will require.

7.Artificial grass offers excellent drainage so after rain or the use of water to wash it, the grass it will dry quickly.

8. The good drainage also means that you don’t have to worry about puddles of water collecting and lasting for days andthen leaving patches of mud for the unwary to step in.

9. Play sports on the lawn will not damage the grass.

10. Artificial grass always looks perfectly manicured so you will never be embarrassed by an unkempt lawn.

·1.Durable and drainableKnitted backing with Flow-thought technology drains instantly.

·2.Got Dogs? Got Kids?Dogs love to romp and roll on PANDA GRASS. Kids love it, too. No more scrapped knees. No more torn or stained blue jeans, just because they’re rolling around on the grass. 

·3.Environmentally Friendly and PracticalPANDA GRASS is an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass: 

No weed killers required, because you simply don’t have any weeds. 

No aggravating and potentially dangerous allergens that are normally hosted by weeds and, for some sufferers, occur in some natural grasses. 

No watering needed. PANDA GRASS will curb water your water consumption regardless of your local weather conditions. It helps preserve a precious commodity… and lowers your water bill. 

·4.How do I keep PANDA Synthetic Grass clean?You can treat PANDA Synthetic Grass like regular grass. You can use a rake or blower to clean up leaves. To remove animal feces, you just scoop it up and wash the area with a garden hose. 

·5.Will PANDA Synthetic Grass fade?NO. PANDA Grass is fade resistant!

·6.Is PANDA Synthetic Grass safe?Absolutely!  100% safe for both you and the environment. We take pride in making the safest and most durable synthetic grass in the world. 

·7.Does PANDA Synthetic Grass have a warranty?Yes, We provide a 8 year warranty on installation and materials from the date of installation. This assumes PANDA Synthetic Grass will be used for the designated purposes covered by the warranty. In reality our product should last much longer than the specified warranty.

·8.How does PANDA Synthetic Grass handle rain and snow?Our product is designed with vertical drainage to prevent the build-up of water. PANDA Synthetic Grass applications are limited only by your imagination.

 To give you an idea, here are some of the most common uses:

 Residential and Commercial Landscapes 

·9.Does PANDA Synthetic Grass create heat?No, it neither cools like real grass or creates heat like concrete. It will simply be the same temperature as it is outside. For those 120-degree days in Phoenix we recommend a light mist of water to cool the grass if kids want to run around barefoot.

·10.What about existing PANDA Synthetic GrassWe have often placed our putting greens up against real grass and it works great.

·11.Why do some PANDA Synthetic Grass have a sand infill?The sand infill has two purposes. It helps the strands stand up straighter on longer pile grasses and it holds the grass in place without the need for adhesive or nails when placing on an aggregate base. PANDA Synthetic Grass is normally laid on an aggregate base where natural lawn is being replaced. 

·12.Will PANDA Synthetic Grass infill fake get in my shoes and in the house?No, the sand is brushed into the PANDA Synthetic Grass carpet and quickly compacts down after the first rainfall.

·13.Does PANDA Synthetic Grass cause friction burns? .Friction burns were caused on Astroturf commercial pitches in the past. However, the manufacture of artificial grass has come a long way since the early days of all weather pitches. Different materials are used that are far less likely to cause burns when falling or sliding.

·14.Can PANDA Synthetic Grass look natural?Yes in particular PANDA Synthetic Grass are natural looking grasses although which one is preferred comes down to personal taste. Some of our PANDA Synthetic Grass have a brighter green look preferred by those wishing to use it for exhibitions, decking covering, putting and indoor usage.

·15.Can PANDA Synthetic Grass be left outside all year round?Yes, it is UV stable and designed to be left outside all year without rotting or fading. The average estimated lifespan of our grass is 10 years with heavy use outdoors. 


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